King Town Chinese Restaurant


This is a local Chinese restaurant that we go to frequently. If you are looking for fabulous, Canadian-style Chinese food, this is the place.

They are located at 225 Cobequid Road in Lower Sackville (Nova Scotia).


  • Extremely price friendly. Two people can easily stuff their faces here for $20-$30.
  • No waiting for a table. Although the place is starting to become popular, we’ve never had to wait to be seated.
  • Huge portions! I always have to bring half my meal home. Can never finish it!
  • Service is relatively quick between order time and when it is delivered to your table.
  • Pop is served in cans. This is a pro because a LOT of restaurants do not clean the lines in their beverage/pop machines. Mold and bacteria grow in there and then they dispense the beverage through these disgusting lines into your glass. I am always happy to see pop served by the can to avoid this problem.
  • Very clean. Tables are always spotless, as is the floor and bathroom.


  • It is always slightly cold in there. I don’t know why. There is a baseboard electric heater and the heat is coming out of it but the place never seems to warm up. But the delicious food over-rides this point.
  • The tea and coffee is terrible. Both are very weak tasting and barely palatable. However, this is not a Starbucks we are talking about so who cares? I’d be surprised if anyone had room for coffee after their meal, anyway.

If you’d like to check out their website or menu: